Soft POS

  • Smaller merchants can accept card payments through their mobile.
  • Cheaper running costs, no POS hardware needed.
  • No maintenance or monthly fees
  • Faster checkout process with multiple mobile devices being used as a POS.
  • Same process as what customers know today.
  • Our secure Authentication built into solution.
  • Certified by the Card Associations.
  • Transaction confirmation is digital, no paper is wasted on printing it.

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Customer simply taps their card or mobile to the merchants phone. (Apple Pay Samsung Pay etc is acceptable)

Customer is asked to input their PIN

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Response Message

Cash Register


We designed to the highest standards of usability and user experience


Low Cost, Low Risk & Instantly Deployable. Go from sign up to taking orders in minutes.

Multiple point solutions to be stitched together

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The e-wallet accommodates high concurrency while supporting multicurrency accounts, cryptocurrency, credit payment, and cross-border payment. It offers comprehensive functions, mobile payment, lifestyle services, personal asset management, financial services, and other core functions for financial institutions.


  • e-Commerce and online marketplace platforms looking for custom- tailored payment gateway or digital wallet software
  • FinTech businesses who must ensure compliance with AML regulations, PCI DSS and KYC requirements in their payment system
  • Service providers wanting to develop a white-label eWallet or payment gateway solution to sell on to third-party companies
  • Banks seeking to provide modern add-on services for their customers
  • Many other use cases

Reward Program

Wallet Referral Program

Mobile Gifts


Sallery Payments

P2p Transfer

QR-Code Payments

Bill & Tax Payments


KYC Module


Multi Curency

Fees Management

QR Code

Favourite, History and Regular transaction list

Open API

E-Commerce Build

E-Commerce Builder is a complete commerce platform that enables users to create, grow and manage an online business.

The platform provides users with all ecommerce and point of sale features to start and grow their business.

It also offers payment processing, which allows you to accept and receive payments for the items you sell.

E-Commerce Builder will enable users to:

  • Create an online store and offer different products for sale
  • Organize the layout of their store's appearance and change the theme and design as preferred.
  • Set up a POS to enable them to receive and process online payments
  • To set up their stores interface in multiple languages and accept different currencies
  • Track and monitor their online business through a specified dashboard showing different KPI’s like number of sold products, revenue, number of customers


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